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Are you Sheri with an "S"?
Or is it Cheri with a "C"?
Is it "S-H-A-R-I"?
Or "-E-R-R-I-E"?

Andria or Andrea?
Alisha or Alicia?

One "T" or 2, Matthew?
Are you Erin with an "E" or "AA"?
How many "L"s in Isabelle?
Does your Sarah end with "H"?

You may think I'm obsessed
About what's in a name
To me it's a lot
I can try to explain

You may think I'm obsessed
About what's in a name
For me, it’s a lot
I can try to explain

Are you Josie to your friends?
or is it always Josephine?
I don't want to condescend, Jo
When you hand me my cappuccino

Because I see you every day
And as stupid as it sounds
I don't want to be a stranger

"-EE?," "-EY?," "-EIGH?"
They say that God is in the details
Bradley, I've got to nail your name
Before I hit "send" on this email

This may seem like a joke
about an anxious mind
My OCD chromosome
working overtime

Or you might think it's a stroke
a canny social climb

But iI'd like to believe
that it's more benign

I just want to connect
(only connect)
In this sliver of time
Even if the cement
is an "E" or "I"

Or a "Y"

"Names" is the lead single from the forthcoming "Yearbook," due out this winter.

released October 16, 2020
Lyrics and music by Tod Lippy
Copyright ©2020 Tod Lippy Music, BMI

Produced by Tod Lippy and Kramer
Mixed and mastered by Kramer
© all rights reserved



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Tod Lippy | Names | MUSICdise™

Tod Lippy is probably best-known as the creator of the award-winning arts journal ESOPUS (called “a thing of lavish, eccentric beauty” by The New York Times in 2004), where he worked with the likes of Jenny Holzer, Jens Lekman, Karl Ove Knausgaard, and Kerry James Marshall. The multidisciplinary publication attracted 30,000 readers over the course of its 25-issue run and is now in the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art and many other museums and libraries around the world.


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